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April 26, 2019
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BiB Home: Advertising Opportunies

As the publishers of the BiB Television Programming Source Books, we’ve been providing the crucial information your prospects and clients need to make buying decisions for more than 50 years. And the service we’ve long provided to you, of listing your programs in this incredible resource, has always been free. And now we can do it better…

BiB Online now contains nearly 200,000 programs in it’s fully searchable database, and has initiated an aggressive marketing campaign to the 7,500 most important program buyers, inviting them to become VIP members on, which entitles them to free, unlimited access to our database. In addition, we are launching a magazine, Digital Entertainment, that will circulate to 100% of the US program buyers at 100% of the TV, cable and satellite stations, and will serve as the perfect promotional vehicle for

And what I want to do is to give you, our partners, the opportunity to sell these programmers. And you don’t even have to travel to Cannes to do it!


Let BiB create a customized store front to help you market you programming!

  1. We’ll start by providing you with a custom print out of all your programming that already resides in our database. You can then furnish us with information on any programs that are missing and we will input them into our database.
  2. Along with each program listing, there will be CONTACT LINKS that will enable buyers to contact you directly with licensing questions and requests:
    1. License Program Link
    2. License Clips/Stills Link
    3. Merchandising Opportunities
  3. In addition, each program listing can contain a PHOTOGRAPH, CLIP OR VIDEO for users to view and/or download.
  4. Other features of your Studio Zone will include:
    1. MARKET PREVIEW – where you can allow buyers to preview films and set appointments with you for during the show.
    2. PRESS BOX – you can post your press releases and press kits
    3. CAREER CENTER – post job listings and allow resumes to be posted.
    4. TRAFFIC REPORTS – You will receive monthly traffic reports for BiBnet and your Zone complete with user profiles so you’ll know exactly who was visiting your site and what they looked at.

To MAXIMIZE YOUR EXPOSURE and INCREASE YOUR SALES opportunities, Contact us today about creating a custom storefront that meets your objectives and budget.


Don’t want a Zone all of your own but still interested in having prominence on BiBnet? How about adding a PHOTOGRAPH to one, some, or all of your titles? Or better yet, a VIDEO CLIP or TRAILER would really enhance the sales opportunity and allow the buyer to take the decision-making process to the next level -- evaluation. Want to post PRESS KITS, ONE-SHEETS, CAST BIOS, and more for viewing or digital download?

Contact us with your problems, objectives and needs and we’ll find the right solution that also fits your budget.



Have an area of expertise? A genre or format you specialize in? Maybe you’re involved in an organization for Documentary filmmakers. Or have a magazine devoted to sci-fi. Have tons of animated specials you’re trying to sell? Then why not sponsor one of our BiB Zones and put yourself right out in front with just one click of the mouse.

When a program buyer clicks on one of our Zones, he knows exactly what he wants and needs for his audience. Rather than having him search around and possibly hit on one of your shows, establish yourself right up front. Have 5 – 10 of your best titles right on the Zone’s home page so they’re just one click away. You can also have a link right from the Zone’s home page and from the home page of BiBnet that links to your entire catalogue of programming.

Contact us today to find out more about sponsoring a BiB Zone.


As on all websites, you can purchase a piece of the BiBnet real estate in the location of your choice with a banner ad. Contact us for availability and pricing.

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